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RV Jayavarman Cruise

RV Jayavarman Cruise

Grade: 5 star star star star star 99  Built in: 2009
No.Cabins: 27
Good For: Family, Couples, Honeymooners who want to enjoy high end luxury boutique cruise and beautiful scenery in the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam and Cambodia.

RV Jayavarman Cruise - Upstream Saigon To Siem Reap 8 days
RV Jayavarman Cruise - Downstream Siem Reap to Saigon 8 days
RV Jayavarman Cruise - Upstream Phnom Penh To Siem Reap 5 days
RV Jayavarman Cruise - Downstream Siem Reap To Phnom Penh 5 days

King Jayavarman 7th is, without a doubt, the most revered King of what is now Cambodia.

During his three decade reign, King Jayavarman laid the country’s infrastructure, constructed hospitals, highways and schools and established a peerless irrigation system that continuously fed the farms and fields. The god-king constructed his own “templemountain” at Bayon and developed the city of Angkor Thom around it which contains the famed Angkor Wat complex. The Jayavarman is the father of the Heritage Line Collection. A grandiose and majestic ship, but not too large that it becomes impersonal. The Jayavarman’s interior design is inspired by King Jayavarman’s legacy. Aptly named after the revered monarch of the Khmer empire, the god-king is regal but warm. He cuts a majestic figure and pays apt tribute to the golden age of cruise liners. A nice, intimate size. Expectations are high for the god-king. He does not disappoint. “I enjoin you to quaff the wine of my kingdom,” his voice sonorous, his timbre gravelly. We feel welcomed by the King. Much like a child in the presence of a kindly grandfather. We explore His kingdom. His message is clear. “The time is now, the hour is nigh,” he beckons us. Like intoxicated lovers of a revered monarch, we follow his commandments.

Inspired by the golden age cruise liner Normandie, "The Jayavarman" is a 20th century boutique style marvel marries avant-garde French colonial design with enchanting Indochine architecture to perfection.
"The Jayavarman" is Indochina's first of its kind boutique style river cruise liner and offers uncompromising luxury on 800 m² public space including 4 decks, French-Colonial with Khmer artifacts, 27 cabins (three categories), Indochine Dining Hall, Club 1930 Funnel Bar & Lounge, Henry Mouhot Lobby Lounge with, Boutique Shop, Apsara Spa, Sun Deck with Jacuzzi.

Here is some highlighted information about the luxurious boutique Jayavarman Cruise:

RV Jayavarman Cruise On-board Entertainment/Activities:

RV jayavarman cruise loungeExcursions and daily program Our daily program, excursions and dining times will be hung up next to the reception area. Programs for the following day will be placed in your cabin during the turn down service the night before. A bell will be rung five minutes prior to the excursion. Please gather at the Lobby Lounge and drop your key at the reception before leaving the ship. This will allow us to identify guests who wish to remain on the ship. For those who intend to stay back on the vessel, we are more than happy to prepare meals and drinks for you. Just inform our reception or the Food & Beverage staff. You will be provided with a bottle of water for your excursion.

RV jayavarman Cruise Boutique Shop

The Boutique Shop offers a collection of magazines, literature, toiletries, travel items, postcards, clothes and handicraft. Bar and Lounge Pre-dinner cocktails, briefings and lectures, movie nights and documentaries. Features tasting workshops - tea, coffee, spirits (local brands) and all kinds of fruit.

RV jayavarman Cruise Lobby Lounge & Art Gallery

Our air-conditioned library is well stocked with books, magazines, music, videos and games. The Lobby Lounge and Art Gallery also features briefings, lectures and movie nights.

Restaurant Learn the culinary delights of Khmer-Vietnamese cuisine at our cooking workshop.

RV jayavarman Cruise Well-being Spa:

Rv jayavarman crusie spa & massageUnwind at the Beauty and Wellness Spa. Unloose the stress and strain of the world. Discover the unique upscale Southeast Asian spa experience, wholly dedicated to easing your tensions. We offer a wide range of relaxing massages as well as indoor and outdoor beauty treatments. Treat yourself to an invigorating foot massage on the sundeck or in the privacy of your balcony. We recommend consulting the daily program before booking your spa treatments so you don’t miss out on any excursion.


RV jayavarman Cruise Sun Deck with  Jacuzzi:

RV Jayavarman Cruise sundeckEnjoy the cruise on the sun deck whilst soaking in the balmy rays of the Southeast Asian sun. Enhance the sunny experience with a drink in hand and foot massage in tow. Come and foster a calm and tranquil mind with our morning Tai Chi classes. A moving form of yoga and meditation combined, Tai Chi animates the body and provides a practical avenue for balance, alignment and a perfect rhythm of movement. What a great way to start your day! Details and schedule in your daily program.


3. RV Jayavarman Cruise Food & Beverage:

Cuisine Our splendid cuisine is creative, natural and fresh. Using only the best quality products available, our chef has infused delectable Vietnamese and Cambodian culinary delights into the menu.


Freshly brewed coffee, tea and fruit juices are complimentary during breakfast (unless if it is through room service). All Illy coffee drinks will be charged. Iced mineral water from the jug is free at all times. Before or during shore excursions, bottled mineral water will be handed out. All other drinks will be put on your ship board account. In room dining room service There is an in room dining menu in your cabin, offering an excellent range of room service meals and beverages.

Room service is available from 6.00 am till 10.00 pm at night. The bill will be charged to your ship board account. The balcony is a marvelous place to have your in-room meal.


Breakfast and lunch are served buffet-style. As for dinner you have the option of either set menu or buffet. We have a wonderful combination of Asian and Western cuisine. Vegetarian dishes are also offered – please feel free to consult our executive chef. Our meals comprise of mostly locally purchased products (such as exotic fruit, organic vegetables, fish and prawns) to give you a real taste of the lands you journey through. Special diets may be catered for with advance notice. Breakfasts are also served on the balcony. Enjoy your morning fix with the sounds of the waves lapping beneath you. Just fill-up your breakfast menu form the day before.


RV Jayavarman Cruise loungeA wide range of quality wines are available at the Lounge & Bar and the Restaurant. Wine is also served in-room. You may want to return any unfinished bottle to the waiter and consume it another day. Drinking water / Ice Water used for the ice machine is purified and clean. Our water purification system comprises 10 steps of filtration such as sand filtration, active carbon filter, microfilter, UV sterilization, chlorine disinfection plus a reverse osmosis system to provide pure drinking water. The drinking water in the jugs (in all our outlets) is safe and clean as it filled from bottled mineral water. When you on an excursion, avoid all ice, ice cream, crushed sugar cane, salads or fruit skins sold by vendors.

Sun Deck On request, we serve breakfast to your sun bed on a lap tray. Please fill up your breakfast menu (for balcony or sundeck) which is attached to your directory. Drinks and snacks will be served from 6AM to 10PM from the Bar.

Bar & Lounge Enjoy sundowner drinks and snacks a la carte while cruising through an ever-changing scenery. Opening Time: 6 am till the last guest leaves.

RV Jayavarman Cruise Restaurant

Our air-conditioned indoor restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner offering buffet or set menu. We cater for vegetarians upon request. Dinner time will vary. Please refer to the program. The bell will be rung when lunch or dinner is ready.

Lobby Lounge & Art Gallery Air conditioned. Read a book from our library or write a postcard. Afternoon tea will be served at the lounge depending on the weather. Drinks and food will be served on request.

RV Jayavarman Cruise Services at a Glance:

Reception Power adaptors

Batteries Power adaptors are available. For your convenience, we sell batteries at the reception and also accept used ones for environmentally sound disposal.

Booking Service Please contact our front desk for after cruise hotel bookings, reconfirmations, tours and pick up services.

Onboard Payment: You will be given a personal ship board account, which allows you to sign for all purchases and services throughout your cruise. Your ship board account will be automatically opened upon check in.

All bills will be charged in US Dollar by cash or credit card (American Express, Master Card or Visa).

Please note that only bills exceeding US$ 25 can be settled by credit card. We do not accept traveler cheques. Your provisional account will be presented for your review the evening prior to your departure. Burn CDs If your camera card memory is full, we offer you our CD burning service for free. Lost & Found For lost and found items, please contact the reception. Money Exchange We change small amounts of foreign currencies such as the Euro and Australian Dollar into US Dollar or Vietnamese Dong. Please note that the US Dollar is widely accepted in Cambodia but not in Vietnam.


RV Jayavarman Cruise Dates in 2018:

Downstream Siem Reap to Saigon
Upstream Saigon to Siem Reap
Embarkation Dates Disembarkation Dates Embarkation Dates Disembarkation Dates
02 December 2017 09 December 2017 09 December 2017 16 December 2017
16 December 2017 23 December 2017 23 December 2017 30 December 2017
30 December 2017 06 January 2018 06 January 2018 13 January 2018
13 January 2018 20 January 2018 20 January 2018 27 January 2018
27 January 2018 03 February 2018 03 February 2018 10 February 2018
10 February 2018 17 February 2018 17 February 2018 24 February 2018
24 February 2018 03 March 2018 03 March 2018 10 March 2018
10 March 2018 17 March 2018 17 March 2018 24 March 2018
24 March 2018 31 March 2018 31 March 2018 07 April 2018
07 April 2018 14 April 2018 14 April 2018 21 April 2018
21 April 2018 N/0 N/O N/O



07 July 2018 14 July 2018
14 July 2018 21 July 2018 21 July 2018 28 July 2018
28 July 2018 04 August 2018 04 August 2018 11 August 2018
11 August 2018 18 August 2018 18 August 2018 25 August 2018
 25 August 2018 01 September 2018  01 September 2018   08 September 2018  


Jayavarman Cruise Facts and Figures:

• Built: 2009
• Vessels Registry: Vietnam
• Type of Vessel: River and sea going vessel (20 nautical miles)
• Length: 58 m
• Beam: 11 m
• Draft: 1.6 m
• Decks: 4 - Main Deck, Upper Deck, Terrace Deck, Sun Deck
• Gross tonnage: 700 tons
• Cruising speed: 10 nautical knots
• Electricity: 220 volts
• Engines: 2 Mitsubishi 500 HP Marine Engines
• Generator: 2 x 180 KVA Cummins and 1 x 65 KVA Cummins (encapsulated for noise reduction)
• Water: Reverse osmosis and UV water treatment plant
• Safety: Radio Comm., Radar, GPS, PA system, satellite phone, life jackets, life rafts, fire hydrants, flares and signals; fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors in each cabin.
• Crew: 40 (Cambodian hotel staff, Vietnamese crew)
• Hull design: Charming replica of the famous 1930s cruise liner "Normandie"
• Exterior Design: French colonial / art nouveau
• Interior Design: Indochine style / French colonial style with Khmer artifacts
• Accommodation: Up to 65 guests
• Cabins 2 Signature Staterooms / 11 Deluxe Staterooms / 14 Superior Staterooms
• Cabin Features See Deck Plan

 RV Jayavarman Deckplan

RV jayavarman-deck-plans

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